Thursday, August 24, 2006


GhostDoc is a free add-in for Visual Studio that automatically generates XMLdocumentation comments for C#.

After you have installed the software, just move the cursor into properties and methods and call the "Document this" command either using the context menu or by pressing the hotkey (if you assigned one).

Here is a sample, where all the comment is generated by GhostDoc:

/// <summary> 

/// Initializes a new instance of the class. 

/// </summary> 

/// <param>name="id": The id.</param> 

/// <param> name="name": The name. </param> 

/// <param> name="latitude": The latitude. </param> 

/// <param> name="longitude": The longitude. </param>

/// <param> name="category": The category. </param>

/// <param> name="imageUrl": The image URL. </param>

/// <param> name="infoURL": The more info URL. </param> 

/// <param> name="description": The description. </param> 

public void MapItemRow(int id, string name, double latitude, double longitude, string category, string imageUrl, string moreInfoUrl, string description)

{ }