Sunday, December 31, 2006

Migrate from Windows XP to Windows Vista Business

No risk, no fun - that's maybe a good advise in adventures sports, but seldom in software "projects". But... it's xmas-time, angels will support me in migrating my system to Windows Vista...

So I updated my exisiting XP-Installation thru the Installer-Wizard to the new MS-OS. Beside from problems with most of my existing drivers, more or less everything was still running after the Update...

Today, I tried to install SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition. But the Installer told me, SQL Server is already installed (from my previous installation under XP). So I decided to uninstall the existing old, dead SQL Server XP Version. Via "ControlPanel - Programs and Features" (yes, no more "Add and Remove Software") I tried to find SQL Server.... but there was no entry visible.... grmpf.

So I manually remove SQL Server (remember.... "No risk, no fun") the real dirty way:
  • stopping and uninstalling services
  • deleting files, folders, start menu entries
  • deleting registry entries
... and restarted the SQL Server Setup.... Next next next .... and is up and running now!
--> Holly ghost, xmas is here :-)

For a serious way to remove SQL Server 2005 manually, I recommend the following article (which I found after the hack I've done....):
Happy new Year 2007!