Sunday, April 30, 2006

Extreme Wrestler in Action ;-)

Not new, but still worth it:

Check out, howto motivate your employees...
or at least, howto dance monkey-style

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Microsoft Service Plans

April 28./29. we had a company internal event called TechEvent, where we do technical Session about experiences, best practices and upcoming hot-topics.

I did a Session about Web 2.0, AJAX and the ATLAS Framework. During the Preparation for this talk, I read some reports, which I wanna share with you:

+ Microsoft Service Plans - Live strategies

+ Museum of History (1989 - 2015) - A must!

Page Creator by Google - Yes! Another amazing Google Product in Beta.

Easy to create and manage Web-Pages, Upload Images (up to 100 MB), Link it together.

So I startet to create some non-technical Pages (in german).

Al Bundy Quotes

Al Bundy lover? Yes? - Check out:

I really miss this stuff on TV....

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Google Code

Another link, Developer would be interested: Google Code

This Page provides an Overview and Details about Interfaces to different Google Services - most of them (as always ;-) in BETA.

ATLAS Samples

I'm preparing for a Presentation about ATLAS, and found a cool sample page.

The Exampes are build with the January CTP Release (which is old in terms of ATLAS releases).

Monday, April 24, 2006

One Day in Lugano

As I posted some minutes ago, I was in Banco to visit my Grandma. Close to Banco, there is the city of Lugano, where Sandra and I did a daytour and we enjoyed the beautiful weather. We did some shopping and were waking along the relaxing lake. Later in the afternoon, we went back to Banco and up to "Ronco", a small peace of land owned by my nonne, were we were able to feed sheeps.

Good fun, and we met Sven Bomwollen there as well ;-)

Nonna - 90 years old now

Last Weekend i was in Banco, where my grandma lives. She is now 90 years old, and still healty and running her own household! I've got the chance to visit her with my girlfriend and also met two of her sisters:

- Zia Maricia (79)
- Nonna Iride (90)
- Patrick (30)
- Zia Renata (75)

The same, but i was replaced
by my girlfriend sandra.

ATLAS SDR - Part 2

First of all, ATLAS SDR @ Microsoft Redmod was cool event. I had the chance to meet directly developers from Microsoft and there was a lot of Knowledge-Power within the ~50 attendees as well; most of them from the united states.
We've got information about the new Microsoft-AJAX Framework called Atlas (including details about clientside and serverside Framework, Bridges, Gadgets, Toolkit, Roadmap, Future Plan etc.) - Sorry, not allowed to publish informations, but you get already a recent amount on the official page.

There was a lot of technical stuff, but we still had time to visit the microsoft museum and the company store inside visitor center at the campus.

Wednesday night, we went to the Purple Cafe for decent wine and excellent food. I was sitting next to Brad Adams, and was surprised, how open-minded and easy going this guy is.

There was also Nikhil Kothari sitting next to me, who own on of my favorite blogs.

Later, Jovan (ComponentArt), Bill (Atalasoft, Blog), Simon (Conchengo) and I headed downtown to Seattle. Bill knew about a nice place called CowGirls....Check out the cool Intro! Pump up the volume! - A perfect place for drinks.

Thank you, guys - this was a legendary night, a night to remember! ;-) - a special thanks to Jovan, who did the taxi driver this night.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

ATLAS SDR - Part 1

@ the moment I'm in Redmond/WA for the Atlas SDR at Microsoft. They provide information about the upcoming Ajax-Framework. More information soon - at least some pictures from the Microsoft-Museum will be posted soon.