Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Open as WebSite in Windows Explorer

"Open as Visual Studio Website" command on any folder in windows explorer? Bradley posted an awesome how to, including the necessary macro and the registry entries.

Friday, February 23, 2007

AJAX Live Online Demo by Microsoft: DinnerNow

DinnerNow is brand new Demo Application by Microsoft utilizing several technologies including: IIS7, ASP.NET Ajax Extensions, Linq, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Powershell, and the .NET Compact Framework.

The Application is available for Download from CodePlex.

Marcel gave me the hint.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Web 2.0 Panel on WEF

Some weeks ago, I posted about the Web 2.0 Discussion Forum at the WEF.

The whole discussion is available as Webcast or/and Potcast: The Impact of Web 2.0 and Emerging Social Network Models .

Yihong Ding posted an excellent summary about the mentioned WEF Panel and the WWW Evolution.

IE8 or IE.Next, Firefox 3 - a set of informations

A good source with loads of articles and info's about wishes and possible features to Microsoft's next Internet Explorer.

Even more information is available about FireFox 3.0 (codename Gran Paradiso), the growing concurrence for Microsoft's IE. Offline capabilities seems to be one of the key features. Here a sample.

Imaging having Browser-Versions of Spreadsheet, Word processing à la Google-Docs available for Online- and Offline-Usage....

Why a private user will be willing to pay for Microsoft Office Software?

"sys is undefined" in AJAX RTM on VISTA solved!

In an older post, I talked about the 'sys is undefined' problem with ASP.NET AJAX RC1.

Last week I updated my samples to RTM Version and ... the problem is gone without doing anything! neither configuration or code changes inside the samples nor configuration changes on vista.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Zattoo WebTV - Quality TV live on your laptop

Wow - Live TV for free (even without swiss-local Bilag fee)! Currently 40 Channels available.

Zattoo was founded in US in 2005 by Sugih Jamin, professor for computer science at the University of Michigan, and Beat Knecht, a swiss software product marketing professional and former McKinsey consultant in Silicon Valley.

Zattoo is a Peer-to-Peer IPTV-Service. The main goal is a fast loading, long running Live-Internet-TV for broadband users, broadcaster, content owners and advertisers.

"Advances in broadband, video compression, and multicast streaming technology are rapidly lowering the technical hurdles for Internet and television to merge on a PC. However, there is still the matter of cost. Our streaming network solves that problem by reducing broadcasters' costs by a factor of ten, making it compelling for them to switch to our technology and broaden their service offering," said Sugih Jamin, CTO and co-founder of Zattoo. "Also, Zattoo's proprietary P2P streaming technology ensures a video delivery and smoothness that has until now been impossible to achieve."

Personally, I was impressed by the quality. No interrupt during 30 minutes test and I was surfing throu the web in parallel (Internet-connection: 4000 kb/s download, 400 kb/s upload).

Friday, February 02, 2007

WPF/E - Vista Emulation

Extreme, extreme - impressive emulation of Windows Vista by slovenians (and in slovenian language...) based on WPF/E technique. Loads of javascript to manipulate XAML (View Source) thru the DOM.


Make sure to install the WPF/E PlugIn before running the emulation.