Monday, April 24, 2006

ATLAS SDR - Part 2

First of all, ATLAS SDR @ Microsoft Redmod was cool event. I had the chance to meet directly developers from Microsoft and there was a lot of Knowledge-Power within the ~50 attendees as well; most of them from the united states.
We've got information about the new Microsoft-AJAX Framework called Atlas (including details about clientside and serverside Framework, Bridges, Gadgets, Toolkit, Roadmap, Future Plan etc.) - Sorry, not allowed to publish informations, but you get already a recent amount on the official page.

There was a lot of technical stuff, but we still had time to visit the microsoft museum and the company store inside visitor center at the campus.

Wednesday night, we went to the Purple Cafe for decent wine and excellent food. I was sitting next to Brad Adams, and was surprised, how open-minded and easy going this guy is.

There was also Nikhil Kothari sitting next to me, who own on of my favorite blogs.

Later, Jovan (ComponentArt), Bill (Atalasoft, Blog), Simon (Conchengo) and I headed downtown to Seattle. Bill knew about a nice place called CowGirls....Check out the cool Intro! Pump up the volume! - A perfect place for drinks.

Thank you, guys - this was a legendary night, a night to remember! ;-) - a special thanks to Jovan, who did the taxi driver this night.